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Bankruptcy Solution!

Most people think of Chapter 7 bankruptcy when they think of getting out of debt, and that's because it's the most common way for people to end their bill problems and start over. Most people who file for Chapter 7 get to keep all of their property, but that's because an experienced bankruptcy lawyer knows how Florida cases are handled - one of the hallmarks of a good lawyer is that they won't let you file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy unless it's right for you.

Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims

You don't even have to deal with the insurance company! We handle all of the negotiations needed for you to receive a fair settlement. No hassles!
We not only help you get the maximum claim you deserve, but we help you receive it in a timely fashion!
Our experienced claim experts understand the laws and rights of you, the policyholder. We deal with insurance companies every day!

Real Estate law

Real Estate Law

Buying a home is the American dream. Protect your dream and do it right. Millions of homeowners today find themselves in foreclosure because they purchased their homes without the experienced and knowledgeable help of a real estate attorney. Buying a home requires extensive paper work including contracts, disclaimers, title commitments, and loan documents. Our team has over 37 years of combined experience to get you through the process, so that when you buy your next home, you get to keep it.

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Thousands of homeowners in the state of Florida have fallen victims to the economic recession. Meanwhile, some homeowners in the 50 states are resulting to the abandonment or simply just walking away from their property, because they cannot afford their payments. For many Americans and Floridians the ability to maintain payments for their mortgages is well beyond their reach; while most have ended in foreclosure of their properties. However, there are other alternatives to the growing fear of losing their homes. Contact Us

Criminal Defense

Many people who are stopped by police have the mistaken belief that if they cooperate, they will be able to talk their way out of criminal charges. However, in our more than 20 years of combined experience as criminal defense attorneys in Florida, we have learned that the more you talk to police without the guidance of a skilled attorney, the more you help to convict yourself. In many police stops, the officer actually doesn't have probable cause to make an arrest until the suspect starts talking. Read More

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